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Deactivate Facebook account

Deactivate facebook account regarding to its privacy policy. This issue came after the founder have reported make some conversation on messenger a few years ago relating to privacy. Now trend is like a rapid fire especially on Google search many people talking about facebook privacy and planning quitting facebook on this 31st May.

On my opinion, deactivating facebook account is a personal issue and I don’t call people or my friends in facebook to quit also. Nobody force me when I joined facebook earlier years ago. I also don’t expose all my personal information to facebook including others web application such as google fills up form. I only gave them my email and basic personal information. Do not rely 100% on social networking sites.

If other people quitting facebook because of their email address and others information they have, I think it’s a personal option. Do not call others to join you. This trend will lead to sabotage facebook. I do not defend facebook but we can ask ourselves before we join facebook. Log in to internet is like you park your car at your own risk.

Nevertheless, if you tired enough with facebook privacy you can join my new social network at http://www.4frenz.com. This website is still new and it developed using open source software.

The conclusion is I’m still with facebook because deactivating facebook account is a second choice for me just like Google, MySpace, friendster, twitter and other social network in the net.

By Bhakra Gani.
Copyright 2010. All Right Reserved.

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