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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have to leave smoking for one, two or three weeks, sometimes even for months or years later only  to find yourself back smoking again.
You have managed to overcome the problem of smoking, but some time later you take another cigarette to the ground just to try. I admit I have experienced such. Here I share experiences with you so you do not repeat the situation that I experienced.
The majority of smokers to give reasons, including that the nicotine in cigarettes can calm yourself from stress. Rather, it is the only reason. The fact I may have been addicted to nicotine just because it gave me peace. My advice, you do not need to smoke in your life.
So when someone does not wants the pressure today, so one would again become a smoker. To overcome this problem you must instill in your mind that you are quitting smoking and smoking dangerous to your health. Other measure to overcome the pressure of you because of the smoke is as follows:

• Exercise

How do I overcome the cigarettes are on foot into the outer work. I use public transport such as buses and taxis. Sometimes I went to the beach and swimming in the sea water with the children. This will prevent me from smoking just desire.

• Meditation

No need for you to go register the association or any other yoga, the way is every day I woke up and do meditations practice in 10-15 minutes. Close your eyes and sit quietly plenty of breathing.

• Take long Bath

I practice a long bath in the morning and sometimes afternoon. I feel the flows of water in my body make me calm and fresh.

• Reading

Reading is like a food for me. If I do not read I felt as if there is loss of something. Reading also can calm my mind. But up to what you read. Just do not read horror books.

• Movies

Every week I will be watching the movie either alone or with my wife if she is not busy at home. Most of the story we saw are family and characterized by humor. This made me forget the great of cigarettes.
I believe you can vivid it now. Therefore, you should strengthen your spirit to fight the smoking habit for people who love you in this world, especially your family.


By Bhakra Gani.

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