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What Is The True Meaning Of Success?

SuccessSuccess (Photo credit: aloshbennett)What Is The True Meaning Of Success?: “Whenever something new is started it is natural to wonder whether it will be successful. Sometimes this can turn into paranoia. Mostly though it is a natural reaction to the unknown and perfectly healthy.

In the words of Lord Beaverbrook

‘Successthat is the royal road we all want to tread, for the echo off its flagstones sounds pleasantly in the mind. It gives to man all that the natural man desires: the opportunity of exercising his activities to the full; the sense of power; the feeling that life is a slave, not a master; the knowledge that some great industry has quickened into life under the impulse of a single brain’.

Think about the following:

What does success actually mean to you?
Define your ideas of success to yourself.
Are you actually looking for career success, small business success or more motivation.

What then does success mean to you? Is it the normal things associated with the veneer of success:-

material possessions

being able to provide security for your family



being self-sufficient

achieving the admiration of others

Is that the true meaning of success or is there more?

Do all these things bring happiness and peace of mind or is it just another roller-coaster? The more you have, the more you want.

When youre working very hard to achieve this version of success do other things get left behind?

Lets look at another definition of success. What is success to you? What is the final touch that defines a successful lifestyle? Having all the good things in life is of course, excellent but what about the success that comes from within.

I know someone who has worked extremely hard to achieve everything he now has and is very successful He also has a lovely wife and family. However, he still worries. Is he going to lose everything hes worked so hard for?

In modern society, money and recognition are amongst the most important success definitions. You might be a complete and fulfilled person, yet if you dont have tons of money or youre not quite a popular figure, youre not going to be accepted as a successful person.

What you now need to do is look at yourself and what you want from your successful business and life in general. Of course its good to have the outward signs but the real success also comes from within.

Success is a state of well being. A personal choice. It is not a social label. Is not a widely accepted set of criteria, that, once met, turn you into a successful human being.

It is true that brains alone are no influence on success, and that money alone is no influence either, but brains and money combined are power. And fame, the other object of ambition, is only another name for either money or power.

Like all human affairs, success is partly a matter of predestination and partly of free will. You cannot make the genius, but you can either improve or destroy it, and most men and women possess the assets which can be turned into success.

You are successful when being successful is not a stress anymore.

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